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The Edmonson Law Firm is proud to serve all of Northeast Georgia. Based in Buford, located in Gwinnett County, we cover all areas from downtown Atlanta to everywhere north with equal ease. We would be honored to serve you in your hometown.

Edmonson Law Firm was established in Buford, Georgia in 2015, with the idea that all hard-working Georgians in the North East Georgia region could have reliable, experienced and accessible local counsel.

From Dawson county to Athens and all the great places in between, Edmonson Law Firm is proud to serve you! We happily travel to many parts of Northeast Georgia – Gainesville and all of Hall County, Loganville and Walton County, Winder and Barrow County, and, of course, our home in Buford, right here in Gwinnett County.

Practice Areas



When you are injured at work, you must know the rules for Workers’ Compensation. Experienced counsel can help you level the playing field with your adjuster.

The Workers’ Compensation system is supposed to provide necessary medical treatment to an injured worker, with the goal of allowing that worker to return to their job, hopefully as well as they were before the injury. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that way. If you are not careful, you won’t get the attention that you deserve from the adjuster. A good lawyer will help you get all that the law will allow.


Social Security

Knowing how to navigate the Social Security system can save you aggravation and time. An experienced Social Security attorney can greatly ease the stress of the process. We speak Social Security! Knowing how to shape and present your evidence to the judge can be the difference between rejection and success.

Auto Collisions

Personal Injury

A car wreck can ruin your day. When a careless driver injures you or your family, you need to know what must be done and when. Don’t let an insurance adjuster sell you out for bottom dollar! Do NOT allow that to happen! We have the legal knowledge and resources needed to maximize your recovery.

Why We Serve

Folks in Georgia are Real People. We have real jobs and we work hard. When we get injured, we deserve to receive everything that the law allows. Whether you were injured at your job, or you are so hurt that you cannot work any longer, you should be represented by someone who lives and works (and has worked) with you – not a slick-talking TV lawyer from Atlanta.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! You can’t have too much information. Level the playing field. The adjuster knows how Workers’ Compensation works. She does it every single day. You need to have an advocate on YOUR side.

Meet Our Team

John Edmonson

Attorney John Edmonson has ten-plus years of experience in Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability and Personal Injury claims. In 2001, while working as a commercial electrician, Mr. Edmonson made a life-changing decision to return to school, enrolling at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. He attended night classes while working during the day, finishing his law degree in four years. Since earning his license to practice law in 2005, he has focused on representing the same people he once worked with – hard-working, blue-collar Georgians. Mr. Edmonson has also worked in warehousing and retail in his past, and genuinely understands what it means to earn your living with your hands.

Julie Sandoval

Julie Sandoval brings years of experience working with Social Security clients to the Firm. She is your contact person for all aspects of your Social Security Disability claim – from your initial application, all the way to setting up your claim for a hearing.