Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration administers the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs. These are the systems set up to provide income and insurance benefits to those who are physically or mentally (or both) unable to perform any job that exists in the regional or national economy.

To meet the medical qualifications for these programs, you must have:

  • A severe, medically determinable impairment that has lasted, or is reasonably expected to last at least twelve months;
  • No work activity deemed ‘substantial’;
  • The inability to perform your past work;
  • The inability to perform any other job, based upon your age, education and work experience.

While these elements seem simple enough, the volume of rules and regulations that govern the Social Security Administration are enormous and complex. Hiring an accredited disability representative to represent you before the Social Security Administration can greatly simplify the process, and increase your peace of mind.

Edmonson Law Firm can help you apply for SSDI, will assist you through the administrative appeals process, gather your medical evidence and submit it to SSA, prepare a hearing brief for the Administrative Law Judge, and, of course, attend your hearing.  We speak Disability.